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Our aim is to provide a simple stress free solution to Dental X-ray compliancy in South Africa. Everything you need to know to make X-ray compliancy as simple as possible. When booking an inspection with Gendentsa we will provide FREE on site training on how to conduct your in house Routine Quality Control Testing.We advise with documentation and licensing issues AT NO CHARGE.

However Please note we do not have the final say with regards to any unlicenced x-ray machines. We are not contracted to or part of the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority.

We are the prefered inspection Body for all Dental companies in South Africa.

Know where you stand

All x-ray intra oral x-ray units and pan ceph units must be inspected every 3 years and Cone beam CT must be inspected every year. If an item of x-ray equipment should become faulty or a component part ie: a head or a sensor needs to be replaced. The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority will not issue a new licence unless the inspections for all your machines have been inspected. Unfortunately this could take up to 2 months. We recommend you keep your inspections current and up to date to avoid loss of income in the above situation.

PLEASE NOTE!! Although we submit results weekly the department does not always capture the results about 5% of inspections fall victim to this. If this should happen please contact our office immediately and we will re submit the results for you generally this is a much faster turnaround time for this. We are here to facilitate these inspections and the process and will do everything within our power to assist. However we cannot guarantee the response times and or the decisions made by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority.

Statement Of Impartiality

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Hazardous Substance Act

Hazardous Substance Act No. 15, 1973 

Statement Of Impartiality

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Please note Gendentsa and or its Directors as an inspection Body does not have the final say when it comes to the decisions which may or may not be made by the Regulator The Directorate Radiation Control. The information contained within this website  are for information purposes only and are intended only to facilitate licence holders in compliancy issues. Gendentsa are bound by the regulations as set down by the regulator and  SANAS in its obligations as an inspection Body. Any piece of equipment which is not licenced by the department of Health will not be inspected until such equipment has been licenced in accordance with the Hazardous substance act, 1973     http://www.doh.gov.za/docs/regulations/1973/reg1332.htm. All information obtained by the Inspection Body is Private and Confidential. Please see Confidentiality statements signed by all personnel. Licence Holders may only enquire about their own equipment licenced to them. A security verification process will need to be done telephonicaly before any information can be released

PLEASE NOTE: Gendentsa is accredited for scopes

        • 10 Dental
        • 10.1 Dental X-ray equipment
        • 10.2 Digital Dental X-ray equipment
        • 10.3 Cone Beam CT
        • 1 Reporting Monitors

Any reference to any services offered within this website other than the above scopes are not covered by The SANAS accreditation scopes as listed above.