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RC001 Form

Application for a licence to use an X-ray device at a new premises

RC002 Form

Removal of item of Equipment From a licence holders licence


Full regulation regarding testing

RC001 – Application for a licence to use an X-ray device 01-2016 Instructions

RC002 -Disposal – Premises change 01-2016 Instructions

Instructions on how to apply for licenses

Dental Licence Example

Example of the licence you need to display in your premises

Radiography Guide

Safety guidelines for use of x-ray equipment

Disposal Of X-ray Unit

How to dispose of an X-ray unit correctly. View in PDF

Sealing Guidelines

Reasons for sealing x-ray units. View in PDF Format

Spatial Resolution

The importance of spatial resolution and reporting monitors in Dentistry

Step Wedge

Step wedge procedure and monitor testing information.

Test Sheets Film

Routine Quality Control test sheets film intra oral and extra oral

Test Sheets Digital

Routine Quality Control test sheets digital intra oral and extra oral

Repeat & Reject

Repeat and reject analysis (3) updated. Excel Format.

RC005 Hazardous Form

Application for Hazardous Act

RC007 – Re-activate

Application for re-activation

Dental Regulations

Download Dental Regulations

DOH License

DOH License To Perform Maintenance Tests


View Our Certificate Of Accreditation online

Authorisation – Gillian

Auth-001 Authorisation to conduct inspections Gillian

Authorisation – Graham

Auth-001 Authorisation to conduct inspections Graham

Authorisation – Justin

Auth-001 Authorisation to conduct inspections Justin

Authorisation – Steven

Auth-001 Authorisation to conduct inspections Steven

All Staff Inpartiality

Statement of Inpartiality All Staff

IAEA South Africa 

International Atomic Energy Agency 

Hazardous Substance Act

Hazardous Substance Act No. 15, 1973 

Dental Guideline

 Download Dental Guideline

Exposure Chart

Exposure Technique Chart

Ideal Phantom

Ideal Phantom Image Intra Oral

Individual Equipment Register 

Individual  Equipment Register Page 1

Individual Register P2

Individual Register Page 2

Repeat & Reject Analysis

Repeat & Reject Analysis

Smpte Monitor Test Pattern

Smpte Documentation

Youtube Links

Youtube Video Links

Please note Gendentsa and or its Directors as an inspection Body does not have the final say when it comes to the decisions which may or may not be made by the Regulator The Directorate Radiation Control. The information contained within this website  are for information purposes only and are intended only to facilitate licence holders in compliancy issues. Gendentsa are bound by the regulations as set down by the regulator and  SANAS in its obligations as an inspection Body. Any piece of equipment which is not licenced by the department of Health will not be inspected until such equipment has been licenced in accordance with the Hazardous substance act, 1973 All information obtained by the Inspection Body is Private and Confidential. Please see Confidentiality statements signed by all personnel. Licence Holders may only enquire about their own equipment licenced to them. A security verification process will need to be done telephonicaly before any information can be released

PLEASE NOTE: Gendentsa is accredited for scopes

        • 10 Dental
        • 10.1 Dental X-ray equipment
        • 10.2 Digital Dental X-ray equipment
        • 10.3 Cone Beam CT
        • 1 Reporting Monitors

Any reference to any services offered within this website other than the above scopes are not covered by The SANAS accreditation scopes as listed above.